Advanced High-School Mathematics

Advanced High-School Mathematics

Advanced High-School Mathematics by David B. Surowski – Professor Emeritus of Mathematics. The syllabus of the course will follow the five chapters listed below.


These topics form a harmonious misture of the three pillars of mathematics: algebra, geometry, and analysis. I applaud the various IB curriculum committees for both the topical selections as well as the detailed syllabi within each topic. Unfortunately, there appears to be no single text which presents the above topics to high-school level students with any degree of cohesion. As a result, I took it upon myself to write a set of notes dedicated to just this purpose. The extent to which it accomplishes the above objective remains to be seen.

Table of Contents

  • Advanced Euclidean Geometry
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Inequalities and Constrained Extrema
  • Abstract Algebra
  • Series and Differential Equations
  • Inferential Statistics

Book Details

Author(s): David B. Surowski
Publisher: –
Format(s): PDF
File size: 3.03 MB
Number of pages: 435
Link: Advanced High-School Mathematics [PDF]

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