Basic Probability Theory

Basic Probability Theory

Basic Probability Theory, by Robert B. Ash, can be downloaded as individual chapters or the entire book in pdf format.


Geared toward advanced undergraduates and graduate students, this introductory text surveys random variables, conditional probability and expectation, characteristic functions, infinite sequences of random variables, Markov chains, and an introduction to statistics. Complete solutions to some of the problems appear at the end of the book.

Table of Contents

  • Basic Concepts
  • Random Variables
  • Expectation
  • Conditional Probability and Expectation
  • Characteristic Functions
  • Infinite Sequences of Random Variables
  • Markov Chains
  • Introduction to Statistics

Book Details

Author(s): Robert B. Ash
Publisher: Dover Publications
Format(s): PDF
File size: 78 MB
Number of pages: 352
Link: Basic Probability Theory [PDF]

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