Basic Topology of 3-Manifolds

Basic Topology of 3-Manifolds

Free book “Basic 3-Manifold Topology” by Allen Hatcher can be downloaded in pdf and postscript formats. The three chapters here are to a certain extent independent of each other. The main exceptions are that the beginning of Chapter 1 is a prerequisite for almost everything else, while some of the later parts of Chapter 1 are used in Chapter 2.


These notes, originally written in the 1980’s, were intended as the beginning of a book on 3 manifolds, but unfortunately that project has not progressed very far since then. A few small revisions have been made in 1999 and 2000, but much more remains to be done, both in improving the existing sections and in adding more topics.


  • Canonical Decomposition
  • Special Classes of 3-Manifolds
  • Homotopy Properties

Book Details

Author(s): Allen Hatcher
Format(s): PDF
File size: 375 KB
Number of pages: 61
Link: Download.

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