Complex Variables

This is a student-oriented text covering the standard first year graduate course in complex variables. Solutions to all problems are included. This book represents a substantial revision of the first edition which was published in 1971. Most of the topics of the original edition have been retained, but in a number ofinstances the material has been reworked so as to incorporate alternative approaches to these topics that have appeared in the mathematical literature in recent years.


The book is intended as a text, appropriate for use by advanced undergraduates or graduate students who have taken a course in introductory real analysis, or as it is often called, advanced calculus. No background in complexv ariables is assumed, thus making the text suitable for those encountering the subject for the first time. It should be possible to cover the entire book in two semesters.


  • Introduction
  • The Elementary Theory
  • The General Cauchy Theorem
  • Applications of the Cauchy Theory
  • Families of Analytic Functions
  • Factorization of Analytic Functions
  • The Prime Number Theorem

Book Details

Author(s): R. B. Ash and W.P. Novinger
Format(s): PDF
Link: Download.

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