Elements of Abstract and Linear Algebra

This is a foundational textbook on abstract algebra with emphasis on linear algebra. You may download parts of the book or the entire textbook. It is provided free online in pdf format. This book is a survey of abstract algebra with emphasis on linear algebra. It is intended for students in mathematics, computer science, and the physical sciences.


The fi rst three or four chapters can stand alone as a one semester course in abstract algebra. However they are structured to provide the background for the chapter on linear algebra.

The presentation is compact and tightly organized, but still somewhat informal. The proofs of many of the elementary theorems are omitted. These proofs are to be provided by the professor in class or assigned as homework exercises.


  • Background and Fundamentals of Mathematics
  • Groups
  • Rings
  • Matrices and Matrix Rings
  • Linear Algebra

Book Details

Author(s): Edwin H. Connell
Format(s): PDF, DVI, PostScript
File size: 638 KB
Number of pages: 146
Link: Download.

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