Euclid’s ‘Elements’ Redux

Euclid's ‘Elements’ Redux

Euclid’s ‘Elements’ Redux is an open textbook on mathematical logic and geometry.


It is for use in grades 7-12 and in undergraduate college courses on proof writing. It is a new edition of the most successful textbook of all time, “The Elements”, compiled by Euclid around 300 BC.

Table of Contents

  • Angles, Parallel Lines, Parallelograms
  • Rectangles
  • Circles
  • Inscription and Circumscription
  • Theory of Proportions
  • Applications of Proportions
  • Planes, coplanar lines, and solid angles

Book Details

Author(s): Daniel Callahan and John Casey
Publisher: Starrhorse Publications
Format(s): PDF
File size: 18.91 MB
Number of pages: 277
Link: Download.

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