Euclid’s Elements


David Joyce’s version of Euclid’s Elements which is a mathematical and geometric treatise consisting of 13 books written by the ancient Greek mathematician Euclid in Alexandria c. 300 BC.


I’m creating this version of Euclid’s Elements for a couple of reasons. The main one is to rekindle an interest in the Elements, and the web is a great way to do that. Another reason is to show how Java applets can be used to illustrate geometry. That also helps to bring the Elements alive.

Table of Contents

  • The fundamentals of geometry: theories of triangles, parallels, and area
  • Geometric algebra
  • Theory of circles
  • Constructions for inscribed and circumscribed figures
  • Theory of abstract proportions
  • Similar figures and proportions in geometry
  • Fundamentals of number theory
  • Continued proportions in number theory
  • Number theory
  • Classification of incommensurables
  • Solid geometry
  • Measurement of figures
  • Regular solids

Book Details

Author(s): David Joyce
Format(s): HTML(Online)
Link: Read online.

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