This short introductory text focuses mainly on integration and differentiation of functions of a single variable, although iterated integrals are discussed.


Numerical examples are given using the open-source computer algebra system Yacas, and Yacas is also used sometimes to cut down on the drudgery of symbolic techniques such as partial fractions. Proofs are given for all important results, but are often relegated to the back of the book, and the emphasis is on teaching the techniques of calculus rather than on abstract results. The book is designed more for self-study than for classroom use; full solutions are given for nearly all the end-of-chapter problems.


  • Rates of Change
  • To infinity — and beyond!
  • Integration
  • Techniques
  • Improper integrals
  • Sequences and Series
  • Complex number techniques
  • Iterated integrals

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Author(s): Benjamin Crowell
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Number of pages: 203
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