You can download “generatingfunctionology” by Herbert S. Wilf in pdf format free of charge. The generatingfunctionology is one of the best mathematics books ever written. Generating functions, one of the most important tools in enumerative combinatorics, are a bridge between discrete mathematics and continuous analysis.


Generating functions have numerous applications in mathematics, especially in – Combinatorics – Probability Theory – Statistics – Theory of Markov Chains – Number Theory One of the most important and relevant recent applications of combinatorics lies in the development of Internet search engines whose incredible capabilities dazzle even the mathematically trained user.


  • Introductory Ideas and Examples
  • Series
  • Cards, Decks, and Hands: The Exponential Formula
  • Applications of generating functions
  • Analytic and asymptotic methods

Book Details

Author(s): Herbert S. Wilf
Format(s): PDF
File size: 1.19 MB
Number of pages: 231
Link: Download.

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