Geometry & Topology Monographs

The Geometry & Topology Monographs series is intended for research monographs, for refereed conference proceedings and for similar collections. The purpose of Geometry & Topology is the advancement of mathematics. Editors evaluate submitted papers strictly on the basis of scientific merit, without regard to authors’ nationality, country of residence, institutional affiliation, sex, ethnic origin, or political views.


  • The Epstein Birthday Schrift
  • Proceedings of the Kirbyfest
  • Invitation to higher local fields
  • Invariants of knots and 3–manifolds
  • Four-manifolds, geometries and knots
  • Fragments of geometric topology from the sixties
  • Proceedings of the Casson Fest
  • The interaction of finite-type and Gromov–Witten invariants
  • Exotic homology manifolds
  • Proceedings of the Nishida Fest
  • Proceedings of the School and Conference in Algebraic Topology
  • Workshop on Heegaard Splittings (Technion, Summer 2005)
  • Groups, homotopy and configuration spaces
  • The Zieschang Gedenkschrift
  • Compactness and gluing theory for monopoles
  • New topological contexts for Galois theory and algebraic geometry
  • Lectures on Poisson Geometry

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