Handbook of Mathematical Functions

Handbook of Mathematical Functions

“Handbook of Mathematical Functions with Formulas, Graphs, and Mathematical Tables” by Milton Abramowitz and Irene A. Stegun. Students and professionals in the fields of mathematics, physics, engineering, and economics will find this reference work invaluable. A classic resource for working with special functions, standard trig, and exponential logarithmic definitions and extensions, it features 29 sets of tables, some to as high as 20 places.


Since it was first published in 1964, the 1046 page Handbook has been one of the most comprehensive sources of information on special functions, containing definitions, identities, approximations, plots, and tables of values of numerous functions used in virtually all fields of applied mathematics. The notation used in the Handbook is the de facto standard for much of applied mathematics today. At the time of its publication, the Handbook was an essential resource for practitioners. Nowadays, computer algebra systems have replaced the function tables, but the Handbook remains an important reference source.


  • Mathematical Constants
  • Physical Constants and Conversion Factors
  • Elementary Analytical Methods
  • Elementary Transcendental Functions
  • Exponential Integral and Related Functions
  • Gamma Function and Related Functions
  • Error Function and Fresnel Integrals
  • Legendre Functions
  • Bessel Functions of Integer Order
  • Bessel Functions of Fractional Order
  • Integrals of Bessel Functions
  • Struve Functions and Eelated Functions
  • Confluent Hypergeometric Functions
  • Coulomb Wave Functions
  • Hypergeometric Functions
  • Jacobian Elliptic Functions and Theta Functions
  • Elliptic Integrals
  • Weierstrass Elliptic and Related Functions
  • Parabolic Cylinder Functions
  • Mathieu Functions
  • Spheroidal Wave Functions
  • Orthogonal Polynomials
  • Bernoulli and Euler Polynomials, Riemann Zeta Function
  • Combinatorial Analysis
  • Numerical Interpolation, Differentiation and Integration
  • Probability Functions
  • Miscellaneous Functions
  • Scales of Notation
  • Laplace Transforms

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Author(s): Milton Abramowitz and Irene A. Stegun.
Format(s): PDF, Online
File size: 47 MB
Number of pages: 1045
Link: Read online. | Download.

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