Introduction to Matrix Algebra

Introduction to Matrix Algebra

This book is written primarily for students who are at freshman level or do not take a full 3-credit hour course in Linear/Matrix Algebra, or are wanting a contemporary and applied approach to Matrix Algebra. Eight individual chapters (without exercise sets) of the book in pdf form are available free of charge.


Anyone who wants to refresh their Matrix Algebra skills or get an introduction to Matrix Algebra. Students from engineering, political science, economics, and psychology have used this book.


  • Introduction
  • Vectors
  • Binary Matrix Operations
  • Unary Matrix Operations
  • System of Equations
  • How does Gaussian Elimination method work?
  • How does LU Decomposition work?
  • How does Gauss-Seidel method work?

Book Details

Author(s): Autar K Kaw
Format(s): PDF
Number of pages: 192
Link: Download.

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