The Geometry and Topology of Three-Manifolds

This is an electronic edition of the 1980 lecture notes distributed by Princeton University. It is available in pdf and postscript formats.


These notes (through p. 9.80) are based on my course at Princeton in 1978–79. Large portions were written by Bill Floyd and Steve Kerckhoff. Chapter 7, by John Milnor, is based on a lecture he gave in my course; the ghostwriter was Steve Kerckhoff. The notes are projected to continue at least through the next academic year. The intent is to describe the very strong connection between geometry and lowdimensional topology in a way which will be useful and accessible (with some effort) to graduate students and mathematicians working in related fields, particularly 3-manifolds and Kleinian groups.


  • Geometry and three-manifolds
  • Geometric structures on manifolds
  • Hyperbolic Dehn surgery
  • Flexibility and rigidity of geometric structures
  • Gromov’s invariant and the volume of a hyperbolic manifold
  • Computation of volume
  • Kleinian groups

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Author(s): William P. Thurston
Format(s): PDF, PostScript, DVI
Number of pages: 360
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