Understanding Algebra

Understanding Algebra

Understanding Algebra, by James Brennan, is a brief overview of pre-algebra and introductory algebra topics, written in a style meant to give you the basic facts in a way that is easy to understand.


This text is suitable for high-school Algebra I, as a refresher for college students who need help preparing for college-level mathematics, or for anyone who wants to learn introductory algebra.

Table of Contents

  • The Numbers of Arithmetic
  • Introduction to Algebra
  • Word Problems
  • Graphing and Straight Lines
  • Systems of Linear Equations
  • Polynomials
  • Rational Expressions
  • Exponents and Roots
  • Quadratic Equations

Book Details

Author(s): James Brennan
Format(s): PDF, HTML(Online)
File size: 515 KB
Number of pages: 127
Link: Download or read online.

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