The World of Mathematics

The World of Mathematics

The World of Mathematics is an interactive eBook which showcases how fascinating and beautiful mathematics can be, by explaining some of the most interesting mathematical ideas to children and the general public.


Using some of the most advanced web technologies and educational principles, we want to make advanced mathematical ideas as accessible and exciting as possible. The articles don’t usually require any prerequisite knowledge, especially since the topics are usually unrelated to the school mathematics curriculum. We have chosen 30 of the most exciting, interesting or useful areas of mathematics and ordered them in five chapters. However it is possible to read each of the articles on their own.

Table of Contents

  • Symmetry and Space
  • Numbers and Patterns
  • Combinatorics and Logic
  • Probability and Games
  • Motion and Matter

Book Details

Author(s): Philipp Legner
Publisher: Mathigon
Format(s): Online
File size: –
Number of pages: –
Link: The World of Mathematics [Online]

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